MongoDB Security Error Leaks 808m Records

Security researchers have discovered a massive trove of over 808 million records, including email addresses, phone numbers and other personal information (PII) left exposed on a MongoDB instance. Bob Diachenko claimed to have found the non-password protected, 150GB MongoDB instance at the end of February. A “mailEmailDatabase” contained three folders: with over 798 million email records in one; around 4.2 million email-plus-phone records in another; and 6.2 million “business leads” records in a third including gender, date of birth, mortgage details, corporate information, social media accounts and more. “As part of the verification process I cross-checked a random selection of records with Troy Hunt’s HaveIBeenPwned database. Based on the results, I came to conclusion that this is not just another ‘collection’ of previously leaked sources but a completely unique set of data,” explained Diachenko in a blog post. “Although, not all records contained the detailed profile information about the email owner, a large amount of records were very detailed. We are still talking about millions of records.” The researcher at first believed the plain text trove belonged to a professional spammer, but soon found out that the database owner was actually an “email validation” firm, — which tries email lists on behalf of its clients to see if they are still working accounts.

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