Verizon is running around 80 applications in production or near-production capacities on cloud native platforms like containers and Kubernetes as it sits near the halfway point on its 5-year journey in taking advantage of public cloud platforms. Nanda Kumar, a fellow systems engineer at Verizon, told a panel at this week’s KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America 2018 event in Seattle that most of those applications were stateless, meaning that they were more simplistic applications that did not need embedded memory support. However, the carrier is beginning to expand into more robust stateful applications. Kumar explained that the carrier viewed containers and Kubernetes as integral to its public cloud migration plans. He noted that what got Verizon excited about containers and Kubernetes is that it was rare when such technologies come along that can have such a large impact on operations. “It’s not just about operators getting excited, it’s about security teams ...

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