The Challenge of a Digital Strategy for Today's Government Leaders

State and local governments are continually called on to do more with less. Not only must they strive to satisfy a constituency that expects self-service, on-demand services, and to always be connected, they must do so in the face of a reduced staff and constrained budgets. A 2015 Gartner report states that “a digital strategy for government, whether at a national or agency level, is critical in driving productivity, engagement and innovation. As technology continues to offer new and often revolutionary options in service delivery, citizens are increasingly comparing their experience in the commercial arena with that of government. The nature of this new competitive tension is often keenly felt by the government CIO when challenged to explain those differences.” Developing a digital strategy is challenging for government agencies. As government IT infrastructure ages and public pressure to innovate increases, the need to embrace a digital strategy has become even more critical, especially as governments are challenged to: Balance both incremental and transformative change.

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